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Australia. The business and Travel centre of the Asia-Pacific Region

Say the word "Australia" anywhere in the world and you will conjure up thoughts of so many different and unique things depending on the company you are sharing. To the family person, thoughts of cuddly or fantastic wildlife will fill the mind. For the diver, a crushing desire to visit and explore the Great Barrier Reef will be front of mind. For the industrialist, thoughts of a reliable source of raw materials of a thousand different varieties, which are all necessary for the manufacture of some new or different product. The businessman will find Australia to be the land of opportunity to expand into new and affluent markets and the overseas student will find the opportunity to study for a university degree or diploma in a world recognised Australian university or Tafe institution.

Australia is a vast continent filled with a huge variety of natural attractions that draw tourists to travel from around the globe to share in its rare beauty. Every traveller wants to visit Ayers Rock in the countries red center or swim among the fabulous corals of the Great Barrier Reef. Sydney has its magnificent harbour adorned with spectacular attractions like Taronga Park Zoo, The Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Sydney Opera House. The Australian People are a resilient bunch with a dry sense of humour and a love of sports, especially those associated with the water. Surfing is a national pastime and places like Bondi Beach and Byron Bay have a special place in the Australian pschye. In Victoria, the Great Ocean Road is filled with spectacular coastal scenery and the wildlife can be seen right around the continent and especially in places like Phillip Island, Kangaroo Island and throughout the great Australian outback. Western Australia has the Kimberley region, the Northern territory has majestic places to visit like Kakadu National Park, Tasmania has its world heritage listed wilderness areas, Queensland has the Gold Coast with its fabulous beaches and the serene beauty of the Daintree rainforest and South Australia has the Barossa Valley with its superb Wineries. fantastic ski resorts can be found in the Snowy Mountains along the border between Victoria and New South Wales. Any holiday can be tailored to suit the needs of any individual traveller.

Australia's mining industry is an international leader. Vast iron ore deposits in the Pilbara region of Western Australia supply endless quantities of raw materials for the blast furnaces of Europe and Asia. The coal fields in Queensland and the Hunter Valley in New South Wales produce vast quantities of the finest quality coals for the furnaces in Japan and China. Australia's uranium industry is the worlds largest and supplies the nuclear reactors of the planet. Gold, rare earths, silver, copper and a range of other natural resources are mined throughout the country for export to the world at large. The agricultural industries of Australia are world leaders and products like wool, beef, lamb fruit and vegetables are all of extremely high standard and exported to almost every other country.

Australia has a vast education industry and apart from the locals being able to access a world standard education, students come from all over many countries to share in this fantastic resource. Countries like China, Korea, the Pacific Islands, Singapore and India all have thousands of students studying here at any given time. There are universities and tafe colleges in every state of the nation.

Australia is the land of opportunity, a safe destination to travel and live in and a place where resources, both natural and human are in wide demand. Come and spend some time sharing in the wonderful lifestyle that is enjoyed by all Australians.

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